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I tried out this demo. I'm interested in seeing where this game is going. I like the story so far.

here is part 2 of gray demo looking forward to more

hey there, I did what you said and the game crashed when I tried to talk to noel after saying never mind, something about the faceset ill keep an eye on the next update you release to do part 2 :)

something I do is download the game to a second computer to make sure it doesnt crash cause sometimes my own computer can be a bit too forgiving , Im using a pc also if that affects it?

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I've never thought of that! Thank you for the advice! :) The issue should be fully resolved!

Edit: I found ONE more spot that will make the game crash! I'm about to upload THAT fix, too. D: If you already downloaded and started playing, you can save (hit ESC to bring up the menu) your current progress and move the save file into the folder with the updated demo.

Gah, sorry about the inconvenience! :(

no problem demos have bugs, looking forward to trying again and getting further only reason I didnt hit esc mid play through was I was worriedit would quit and Id have to restart recording :)

looking great loads of work so far like all characters thanks for demo here is my play through

Aw, thank you so much for playing another one of my games! I just finished watching and will go leave a comment on your video, too. :)

my pleasure angel looking forward to playing more of it